For the organization of congresses throughout Italy and abroad

For planning of all the events Dafne Congressi provides for a comprehensive set of services:

• feasibility study (from the drafting of the budget to the sponsor scouting);
• graphic design and printing of all the communication means (first announcement, program, posters, information, signage, billboards, etc.);
• website design
• press management;
• venue scouting;
• expert advice for technological support;
• audio, video and lighting services (including generators, tools, video projection and broadcasting systems with related installations);
• post-event programs;
• collateral programs and for accompanying persons;
• Managing relationships with participants and speakers;
• pre and post event;
• Selection of interpreters, hostesses and stewards;
• transfer services;
• catering;
• guides and qualified art historians in the required language;
• contacts with local institutions;
• testimonials;
• design and artworks;
• study of logos, jingles and customized gadgets;
• shows
• animation and entertainment;
• social programs;
• press offices;
• administrative office;
• photo shoots;
• flights booking;
• housing (hotel scouting and booking);
• equipment with modular stages


Dafne Congressi supports businesses and scientific societies in the management of events (congresses as well as parts of them, seminars, meetings, training and education courses) with value of CME credit for healthcare professionals:

  • registration of documents;
  • contacts with teachers and lecturers;
  • collection of personal data of the participants;
  • simulation score;
  • deadline monitoring;
  • application for accreditation;
  • CME documentation for participants;
  • collection of testing and rating forms compiled by the participants;
  • submitting of the final CME documentation to the National Commission;
  • delivery of the certificates with CME credits to the participants who have successfully passed the evaluation test upon notice by the Commission;
  • delivery of regulatory CME updates to the referents of the scientific societies;
  • General data base management of the credits earned by the members;
  • Permanent updating of changes and interpretation of legislation;
  • contribution to the State Treasury according to the credits allocated to the event.


Dafne Congressi acquires by its clients (either scientific societies or Professional Associations) the budget of the meeting – workshop, seminar, conference or congress – and manages it, in full agreement with these, maximizing the value for money as well as the cash flow:

  • management control;
  • tailored bank account;
  • turnkey financial management;
  • direct management of the event budget;
  • share, with either the CFO or the sales representative, of suppliers, contracts and payment methods;
  • study and activation – if necessary – of direct or indirect funding (advances contracts/invoices, overdrafts, advances of flow etc);
  • monthly and – under date – weekly reports.


Dafne Congressi supports the scientific secretary in the management of lecturers and guests of congresses, conventions, workshops and seminars:

  • preliminary contact;
  • guaranteed responses within eight hours to all the lecturers and guests;
  • travel and hotel reservations;
  • development and realization of IT services;
  • alerting services via mobile phone for welcome messages, delivery of slides, meetings at the poster sessions or at the lecturer desk etc.


The experience of Dafne Congressi in the management of commercial budgets as well as in the marketing of pharmaceutical companies allows the development of unique and varied offers:

  • definition and proposal of service packages for the main sponsors;
  • definition of sponsorship categories and benefits;
  • CRM systems for sponsor management; 
  • trade marketing projects.

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